Quaker women during Women’s History Month…Let’s get busy!

QuakerNPSThe web site at the National Park Service in Seneca Falls, New York cites Quaker women for their contributions in the first wave of the women’s rights movement in the United States. More often than not, Quaker women aren’t noticed in the swirl of history and the increasingly more complicated current events. Yet Quaker women continue working behind the scenes and in actions at the forefront of supporters of the social justice agenda.

Quaker women have had clout over the centuries, and it’s about time that we bring them out in the open, as much as to spread the word as to inform and inspire ourselves. This means focusing on more than Susan B. Anthony and Margaret Fell. It includes Quaker women’s inspiring roles in abolition, women’s rights, and a wide range of social and political issues, including immigration, social justice, and peace. However, this is strictly academic as long as we keep this good news a secret.

That’s where this blog comes in. We’re developing a go-place to raise the issues and use our findings to support and give substance to our leadings today. It’s one thing to cite a history of an established spiritually-based church. And still another thing to trace accomplishments of a decentralized-history of Quaker individuals and locally, regional, and national associations of Quakers. This is why a record of minutes of Quaker meetings is so important. Quaker record keeping has been essential in our history to keep us alive and healthy. Now Friends—the statistics are not in our favor. A dramatic membership decline over the past few decades has been a wakeup call.

It’s Women’s History Month. This is a perfect time to begin the journey of linking together the past, present, and future. Follow QuakerWomen.com

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